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Business Opportunity


Introducing Tan Lai Kim (TLK) Group latest development of 1,400 acres of serene landscape into an “Art of Lifestyle Destination” – Palm Grove @ Triang, Pahang, where a Tourist Village will be created, that will have ample recreational activities, tourist attractions, conveniences and residential enclaves in a resort-style living environment in the mist of serenity and tranquility away from the city hectic life.

The TLK Group welcomes the outright sale of various parcels of land for private or joint-venture design and utilization, and the investment of capital into ideas brought into play by other more experienced recreational, hotel, school or medical center, investors and / or operators.


As for joint-venture partners, it can be diverse, and this list of partners will include other developers who will develop singular parcels of land; tourist and recreation operators to manage diverse range of activities, design their own unique and creative ideas; as well as other investors who will explore all the potential that the Palm Grove experience can offer. 

JV partners will be sought to build the catalyst Palm Grove Resort with residential development, thereby improving Return On Investment (ROI) significantly. Types of accommodation offered will include semi-detached lots, sprawling bungalows development and a retirement village. Each one is a living solution and work of art. Inspired and designed to be a vision, Palm Grove will ultimately be an idyllic fusion of residential, commercial and recreational creativity.

With all this happening, Palm Grove will be ideal for both Malaysian investors and expatriates who want to invest in the Malaysia My Second Home programme initiated by the Malaysian Government; Investing into Palm Grove is to buy a little piece of Malaysian Paradise.


While TLK Group have placed their imagination to conceptualized this new living solution, we know that you too have your own ideas and desires and would be more than willing to discuss them with you. New ideas are always welcome.


I am interested in business joint-venture possibilities or consultancy services.

Thanks! Message sent.

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